EVA & CLAUDI complies with the Data Protection Act's regulations and regulations with the aim of ensuring the optimal protection of the personal data that is collected and used in the operation of the company. The formulated personal data policy explains how EVA & CLAUDI processes and secures your personal information.
Data Controller
The personal data manager in the company is Eva Ingemar.
What do we do with your information?
The company stores and processes information about customers, suppliers and employees. Rregarding the first two categories, this is general information. All information is collected with consent and directly from the party concerned.
The common information collected for customers and suppliers is CVR. number - when available - name, address, email address, telephone number, payment information and sales / purchase history.
For newsletter recipients, only name and email address are stored. In cases where the person hereself has provided the telephone number and address, these are also available. The collection of information about the processing of data in connection with our Facebook profile is referred to Facebook as data controller. See
For employees, general information about tax, bank connection, employee's role / history in the company, previous employment, vacation periods, company equipment, record of illness / absence and information of a special nature such as the CPR number is kept 
Upon termination of employment in the company, the employee's e-mail bins will be deleted after 12 months. Information related to HR is deleted after 5 years. This practice also includes the company's back-up system.
The company does not collect any information described in the Personal Data Regulation as sensitive.
The general information on customers and suppliers is used for sales, statistics, mutual communication and management of the financial intermediate between company and customer / supplier.
Customers who receive one-way communication as newsletters receive it only by consent. This consent may be withdrawn at any time. Subscription from our newsletter service can be done directly to the company or digitally via the unsubscribe newsletter option in the most recently received newsletter.
The information collected is in the company's customer system and accounting system, both of which are hosted services. None of the information collected by the company is disclosed to third parties.
Your rights
You can ask at any time what information we have about your person in our computer system. If the information is provided with consent, you can at the same time ask to have it corrected or deleted.
You can oppose the processing of your personal data for direct marketing at any time, including receiving newsletters.
You can at any time complain to the Data Inspectorate about our practices and processing of your personal data.
You will be notified via email if changes are made to our personal data processing. The current version of our privacy policy is available on our website / webshop:
What about the security
It is the personal data manager's opinion that the data collected is stored with the necessary security, as data is protected by firewalls, antivirus systems and access can only be done after encrypted login to the mentioned data systems. Only the personal data manager and company owners have access to these log-ins. Log-in changes at regular intervals to ensure abuse.
In addition to the above mentioned persons, the companies in which the accounting system and the customer database respectively, where the company's webshop is hosted, has access to data. Reference is made to these companies' data protection plan. See
There is a continuous monitoring of possible security breaches in the company's databases. This is done in collaboration with the companies where the databases are hosted. In case of security leaks, the Danish Data Protection Agency and any of the persons covered by the leak will be notified, if it is assessed that the damage may have consequences for them. The contact person for the Danish Data Protection Agency is the personal data manager in the company.
The company's procedures and data processing are reassessed every six months to ensure that new measures and changes to the regulation are implemented in a timely manner.
The Company’s Personal Data Protection Plan has been prepared on 22.04.2019